Welcome to Indices Master, a leading stock investment advisor in the Indian market. As we’re aware of the current market scenario, it becomes easy for us to recommend stock options available to the investors. Also, we have rich experience in the area of quantitative trading and qualitative equity research as stock trading advisor which in turn helps us in technical and statistical analysis of the current scenario.

We are a stock market advisory company where analysis of the current market trends are carried out by latest Machine Learning Mathematical tools. We have also expertise in Indian stock market trading.

Why Indices Master?

  • Trading and Equity Research
    Years of experience in area of quantitative trading and equity research
  • Trading advisor
    Most successful advisors for trading in stock market indices
  • Stock market advisor
    We believe in partnership with you rather than building client base
  • Technical and statistical analysis
    Expertise in technical and statistical analysis
  • Stock market strategies
    Precise advice with robust risk management strategies
  • Share investment advice
    Pay as you gain. We do not charge up front fees on capital you deploy
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