About Us

Who we are?

Indian stock market advisory servicesWe are SEBI approved investment advisor who stand for sustainable wealth generation by way of long term investing and trading. We are the business magnet for the traders and investors who deal in the stock market and provide best stock trading investment advice. If you are looking out for the advisor that is most accurate and trust worthy, you should definitely prefer us as your stock advisor option. If you want to earn steady profit with minimized risk taking, you can always approach us and we will be extremely happy to welcome you.

Our highly qualified professionals team has immense experience in financial sector. Our expertise is backed by world class infrastructure and technological platforms; to leverage best of our abilities in serving clients. Our advices are based on in-depth fundamental research and follow statistical models.

If you are in the search of the best stock research investment advisors, you should definitely prefer Indices Master, without giving it a second thought. Here are the reasons to choose Indices Master as your stock market advisory company.

  • Being the most successful traders & Investor of the stock market, we perform the fundamental, technical & statistical analysis beforehand so as to provide precise advice
  • Our high quality management and risk management techniques aid our clients to build wealth
  • We have got several years of experience in quantitative trading and equity research
  • We have a separate team of experts for various departments starting from the fundamental analysis, technical analysis to the statistics, control systems and finance market
  • At Indices Master, you can get the strategy based trading ideas for stock market

Our Values

  • Honesty: We, at Indices Master strongly believe in saying ‘honesty is the best policy’, as we know that honesty opens the doors of success.
  • Transparency: We are like an open book with our clients, which help clients to trust us and develop faithful relationship with them.
  • Expertise: We put in our best efforts to seek expertise from across the country and bring it to you to deliver the best piece of advice.
  • Unity: We work in coordination and unity so as to build a strong relationship internally, forming the high level of understanding.
  • Support: We provide all the support to our customers whenever they need it. We understand their requirements and try to fulfill their dreams with all the passion.
  • Respectful: We respect our clients and try to achieve the state of mutual understanding with them.

Our motto

At Indices Master, we strive to help all our clients to chase and attain their financial goals with the help of the innovative and personalized approach to investment management, risk management, financial planning process and wealth accumulation.

Mission statement

We aim to make people invest their money into Indian share market with the minimum risk and earn maximum money. We tend to provide them the best possible stock trading advice from the experts.