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Investment opportunities for NRIs to invest in India

Updated on 25 March 2017

One might think that being an NRI narrows down the investment options in India and that there’s little that you can do about it. Think again. If you think the same then you are utterly mistaken. There are a lot of perks and options of investing in India.

Bank deposits considerable as a safest and most fruitful option to invest. NRIs can get an account opened at any nationalized or a private bank to deal with transactions in Foreign Exchange. NRIs can either get a Non Residential External (NRE) account, Non resident Ordinary (NRO) account, or a Foreign Currency Non Resident (FCNR) account. The NRE accounts can be either in the form of savings/current/recurring or a fixed deposit account and since the amount in these accounts is not taxable; NRIs can have a good option to invest their foreign income. And for those NRIs who might be wondering that where to invest it in India, the best trading advisory services suggest NRO accounts. And for those who want to avoid the fluctuations in the in the exchange rates then FCNR is a good option, the interest rates earned from this account are absolutely tax free and hence a foremost option to invest in after NRE accounts in India.

The NRIs who wish to trade strategically without much ado, then stock market advisory services strongly vouch for the investment in the mutual funds, provided they have an NRE/NRO accounts with any of the Indian Banks. The trade however has to be made in the Indian currency. Mutual Fund investments have long since been a favourite among Indians but it now becoming a preferred investment option for the NRIs as well.

Another great option for investing in India is in the Real Estate markets. With lucrative returns on sale, this market not only lures the NRIs but also the Indians equally! An NRI can consider investing in residential as well a commercial property and agricultural land as well. There are no restrictions on the number of properties that can be bought rather invested in the real estate market in India.

With all these options available in addition to the national pension schemes, investments in the bonds and certificate deposits, all the NRIs have wide options to choose from. Keeping the Indian stock market advisory services at hand for all the meaningful insights to stocks and investments in India, an NRI can have all the perks of reaping beneficial fruits despite being on a foreign land by Evaluating a points and astutely deciding on the investment.