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Top 5 questions to hire the best stock investment advisory company

Updated on 01 May 2017

‘How to invest in stock market’ is a major question revolving in the heads of the investors. However, for beginners there is one more important question prior to that, “how to find the best stock market advisory company?” Investing in Indian stock market becomes easy if you get a genuine stock trading advisor.

Finding the best trading advisory services becomes a daunting task, as you might not just be able to figure out a genuine stock trading advisor out of so many out there in the market. So, here is the best solution to this problem.

What you can do is start looking out for your financial advisor by asking your friends and family. Also, search for them on the internet; check out their websites to get some basic information about them. This way you will be able to at least shortlist some of the stock trading advisory companies. Once you shortlist them, you can call or visit them to find out the best one.

Hire best stock investment advisor company

When you meet them, know all the important things related to your work by asking them questions. So, here is the list of important questions that you must ask to stock investment advisors before hiring them...

  • Which licenses or certifications do you have?
    If you did not find any information of the licenses or certifications on the company’s website, make sure you ask them about it as soon as you meet them. It is advisable to choose the certified stock investment advisor.
  • How much do you charge? How do you charge?
    After discussing certifications, you must ask how much do they charge, what will be the pay structure and what will be the mode of payment. Also, make sure you ask if there will be any hidden charges.
  • What services does your company provide? What is your specialization?
    Before getting associated to any company, you must know everything about the company, especially what other services do they provide and what do they specialize in.
  • What types of clients do you serve? Can I get contact details of any client?
    Ask about what type of clients they serve so that you come to know if you are approaching the right company and that if they will be able to serve to your needs and requirements. You can also speak to the previous clients and ask about their experience with that company.
  • What is method or approach for investment? You can also ask about their investment approach just to check how well-experienced they are in their work.

Now that you have got this list, make sure you ask them the above mentioned questions and then hire the one from whom you get the most satisfactory answers for all the questions.