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iTrend, one of the most reliable and accurate technical tool for stock analysis

Updated on 02 November 2017

Relying extensively on the technical tools for stock analysis has become the norm of the hour to trade in the Indian stock markets. It eliminates any degree of human error that may arise by manually trading the stocks. Based on the algorithmic approach to trade stocks and being 100% mechanized and systematic, not single chance of any error is recorded by the tool. The stock market analysis tool minimizes any human emotion that might have been associated with buying or selling the stocks off. Discerning the history of the stocks, iTrend stipulates the best time to buy or sell the stocks and for how long they should be investing in. The traders are advised by the stock investment advisors to not trade the stocks off early than the pre-determined time in a fear to incur losses neither they should wait in greed to execute a transaction to earn more money. Either way can be harmful to a trader and the use of stock market analysis tools eliminates any trace of human emotion that might interfere and hinder the progress chart of the profits.

Back testing is popular phenomenon employed by the tools for stock market analysis that tracks the history of each stock performance that help the traders to evaluate and align the performance of any stock they are looking to invest in with the profits targets they have envisioned for themselves. It enables the traders to take precise decisions about the future performance of a portfolio. SEBI approved stock market advisor helps the trader to refine their investment options to yield better profit ratios.

The performance of iTrend has been impressive throughout the years since its inception in 2011. The accuracy of iTrend is reflected in the growth rate that has been registered to be 910% over the span of 6 years and 9 months. That roughly translates to 30.30 lakhs from a mere 3 lakhs of investment made with the help of technical tool for stock analysis. Steady quarterly returns are made on the investment made by the traders who constantly follow the best trend following system. The success ratio 45% of the trade made while transaction the stocks in the Indian stock market, is one of the many benefits of using the stock market analysis tool.

The share market advisory services carefully studies the bearish and the bullish nature of the Indian stock markets to be able to take better decision for the traders and craft a strategy based on the varying needs of every trader. The best stock trading advisory service decide the entry and the exit points in the Indian stock markets based on the trailing stop loss method. It is method adopted by iTrend that automatically adjusts to the fluctuating prices of the stocks and based on which the traders can decide whether to go long term or short term on the investment to book the profits they have envisioned for themselves.