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SEBI approved share market advisor – a boon for novice trader

Updated on 28 March 2018

Few people are in favor of share market and few people are not in favor of share market. This article throws more light on this ongoing debate.

Old saying says that "money attracts more money" and in today’s world stock market proves it right. Share market has captured attention of many people and it is still increasing. There were the old ways to save in gold and jewelry but when recession comes or something happens with country’s economy then gold rates fall down. In all such conditions stock market has come up with much secure investment. It is the only investment plan which has an opportunity to increase money by many folds.

In stock market an individual or a trader buys shares of any public limited company and sells also. It is a fair business to buy and sell and very much like the other businesses but many believes that it is a gambling only. An individual or a trader gets the profit by the difference of buying and selling. So, it requires many good skills like analytical skills and predicting ability with right precision.

For new traders and investors it is best to hire SEBI approved share market advisor who can guide them for trading. This minimizes the risk of wrong decisions in trading. Like any other business share market also has few points that favors it and few points that disfavors. If we first look at the points that do not favor share trading are:

  • It requires lots of time as this is not easy like gambling where you just put money and wait for your luck to favor you. This has lot many formalities that one needs to fulfill.
  • This market is very unpredictable so either you can get good returns or you can end up with losses too.
  • A trader needs to pay commission to a broker which is known as a brokerage. This thing eats up the profit margin as trader needs to pay on each trading.
  • There are many technical aspects too which are hard to understand for each and every person and it requires efforts like skill learning.

Points that favor trading are:

  • It is an earning opportunity within shot time frame. So, this way this is an excellent field to earn money in very short time period.
  • Even little money can get many fold profits. Share prices can go up to any high and it can make the investment ten times or hundred times more.
  • SEBI approved share market advisor can help to make share market decisions and this way one can get the professional help for right trading decisions.
Conclusion –

Share market is a unique field with its own ups and downs. There are many points that favors and many that do not favor it, still many new people are ready to explore the trading platform and it keeps its charm always alive.