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Share market advisory services to keep myths away

Updated on 08 March 2018

Over the years share market has gained lots of wrong publicity as a game of luck but in reality it is a business like other businesses and it works on the business principles and not on gambling principles.

Stock market is the field where everyone wants to discuss and wishes to advice others. The question is that whose advice one should follow when it comes to investment in the stocks.

Every single person is not very knowledgeable in the share market field or properly trained to give advice on stocks. This type of stock market investment advice does not prove all the time or always true. So many times people give advice based on the myths and misconceptions.

The very first myth that stops people from investing and gaining profits from stocks is that, they believe that stock market is only for the elite and rich class of the society. One needs a big amount of money to initiate in share market. It is a pure myth only and anyone can start with any amount that one wants to start with. The capital that one invests in the stock market effects on the ratio of profit and loss.

The higher amount can ensure big wins at a single move and that way one may lose less money in brokerage. On the other hand it creates a risk also if you lose that particular stock then you may lose very big amount. So, investing in more stocks can be beneficial for individual traders.

The second myth that people have is that one needs to be broker to invest in share market. This is also not true. Share market advisory services can help an individual for this for sure. Any individual can invest in the market with any amount. If a person does not have knowledge then can take the professional advice.

Individual investors can even get more high returns as they can afford to invest for the longer period of time. On the other hand brokers cannot invest money for longer period of time as they always work under higher stress level to produce great results.

The third and biggest myth is that people think that stock market is gambling and it is only luck that works. In reality it is not true. Share market is a matter of calculative gains. Those who give share investment advice or those who do individual trading are all very well qualified or have knowledge about trading and stocks.

Buying and selling of stocks is totally different than gambling. With the newer trend of stock market advisory services offered by the companies the share market field has gain more respect in these days.


Share market is real business and the gains and loss are similar to other businesses. The misconceptions and myths that can prevent one to gain more from the stock market are discussed here. Also, it is discussed that how share investment advice can help to overcome the myth barriers.