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Stock market trading tools to work smartest way

Updated on 17 February 2018

Effective trading is more important than trading alone and trading tools plays vital role in making ones trading effective and profitable.

Trading is gaining popularity in this new age of smart money. It is a business of intellect and not only a work of a mind laborer. Trading is a full time business for many and on the other hand it is a smart choice to make extra money as a side business for few others. Trading has become easy with the use of trading tools, no matter how you pursue it – a full time business or only a tool to make some extra income.

Stock market analysis is always been a matter of expertise and experience. It needs lot many years’ experience to predict the trade with near to 100 percent precision. Due to that many do trading but only few are successful in trading.

The success in the trading is always count through consistent profit and growth on the personal level. There are many tactics and techniques available to trade effectively. Stock technical analysis tools are very useful for all the traders and it provides an ease to trading.

Trading is all about the calculation and when it comes to stock market trading tools, they provide very accurate calculation. Some of the trading tools are discussed here.


SMA is Simple Moving Average. This tool helps to find out the performance of any specific company in desired number of days. This tool is a best supportive tool for the traders. It also gives daily mean value of stock for N number of days. The range varies from 20, 50 to 200 days. This gives trader a better idea about any company performance over the period of time and it helps to take decisions in easy manner. It also displays downtrend, stock price when falls above moving average and it also indicates as sell when price closes bellow moving average.


ADX is Average Directional Index. This tool focuses on the ongoing momentum of any stock instead of direction. It effectively measures strength and momentum of ongoing trend and this makes it very effective and unique trend indicator.


MACD is Moving Average Convergence / Divergence. This tool works similarly like Simple Moving Average tool but the base of the calculation provided by this tool is very different. The tool shows different indicators and it is so precise that one can consider it as a signal. The tool is very versatile in the nature and this makes it one of the best tools from all the stock technical analysis tools.


Stock market trading is easy and like fun with the use of stock market trading tools. The elaborated view of the some of the trading tools is discussed in this article. This article helps to decide on the best tool that you can use for your trading.