What is iStairs?

iStairs, is another superlative service from the house of Indices Master that revolves around derivatives index trading system. Under this service, our expert research team captures short to medium term trends through price and time based strategy for trading in liquid assets like Nifty future of Indian Stock Market. This wholly systematic, disciplined and mechanized stock market approach makes possible the seamless amalgamation of momentum, technical signals and statistical signals to adjust to market scenario. With scope of more than 15000 crores of business in this field, this momentum trend replicated advisory service offers highly effective solutions to the clients. The reason that this premium service is so recommended that it is based on Machine Learning Mathematics that dynamically optimizes the frequencies.

Why iStairs?

Trading in stock market is like walking on a tight rope. One wrong move and you are finished.

Not with us!

Our incomparable tool, iStairs, is the outcome of years of experience blended with continuous market analysis. When you entrust us with your hard-earned money, you avail synergy of our experience, expertise and our tool, iStairs that optimizes your profits.

Here is a list of benefits to expect from our momentum trend replicated advisory service called, iStairs:

  • Maximized gains
  • Limited risk
  • No worries
  • Transparent operations
  • Experienced and proficient research team
  • Cordial customer support

Therefore, park your money with us, while we work hard to boost your wealth!

How iStairs works?

iStairs is a unique trading tool that does not require you necessarily to deposit your money with us. While you maintain your trading account somewhere else, you can still avail advantage of our trading strategies and invest your money on your own as per your convenient time.

We are happy to provide trade recommendations to you at regular intervals even though the funds remain in your name and the discretion of when to invest remains with you.

What is iStairs’ past performance?

iStairs is the greatest invention in the history of the stock trading that has shown consistent returns. Check out the back-test performance result of iStairs w.r.t. Nifty Future since year 2013 here below:

iStairs's Performance vs. Drawdown

iStairs's Largest Win Vs. Loss Trade

iStairs's Win Vs. Loss Trade

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? Below answers to frequently asked questions would help you.

What is Indices Master?

We are customer oriented investment advisors, duly registered with SEBI. For us, the interests of our customers come first.

Does Indices Master have appropriate team?

We have consistently delivered the best services to our clients. This has been made possible because of our highly efficient team of 72 qualified professionals, with several years of industry experience.

What types of services are provided by Indices Master?

We have different services for different types of clients. While investors can count on us for our service called “SIAS”, the traders can leverage on our special service offer of “iStairs”.

What kind of models or strategies is applied in iStairs?

Our service, iStairs follows a disciplined risk management theory, which keeps your funds secure. Moreover, the basis of our advisory service lies in continuous monitoring of bullish and bearish market trends as well as arriving at perfect balance of momentum, technical and statistical analysis before advising the clients.

On what basis iStairs will take decision to enter and/or exit position?

Under iStairs service, the decisions are based on market fluctuations and not on predictions. That is why, the decision to enter and exit a position are based entirely on trailing stop-loss method, which is subject to market price fluctuations.

Trailing stop-loss method:
Trailing Stop Loss

Which asset classes are traded in iStairs?

As of now, iStairs focuses on advice for trading in Nifty futures in the NSE F&O segment.

LONG or SHORT- which one to prefer?

This entirely depends upon the movement of the market, whether it is bullish or bearish. iStairs services advise long or short with the focus to optimize highest returns.

What is the average quantum of trading per month?

On monthly basis, the team advises approximately 7-9 trades.

What is success ratio of iStair's trade?

Considering the performance record of the team of iStairs, trade success ratio is of not much importance, though it reaches 40-50%.

Is there any guarantee of minimum returns with iStairs?

There is no guarantee of fixed or minimum returns on the funds invested. Everybody knows, stock market is subject to volatility and risk and there cannot be any assurance or guarantee of any sort.

What are the favorable conditions for the best performance results of iStairs and what leads to worst performance?

The concept of iStairs is based on the current market trends. Its performance scales up during the trending market. However, if the market condition is irregular for long time, then the investments may show negative returns.

What is drawdown risk of iStairs?

In case the amount invested dips below 60%, we do not trade forward. As per our data records, we expect 40% drawdown risk.

What is the lock in period of investments under iStairs service?

Thankfully, there is no lock in period at all. The investors can, at any moment, discontinue the service and withdraw the amount invested.

What is the process of availing services of iStairs of Indices Master?

The process is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps and avail our I Stairs services immediately:

  • Step 1: Indices Master prefers techno-savvy and professional trade brokers for opening a trading account. That is why the company recommends "Master Capital Services Ltd" & “Jainam Share Consultants Pvt Ltd” for the trading account at low brokerage but high value services.
  • Step 2: Deposit funds as required in the trading account.
  • Step 3: Register for iStairs service.
  • Step 4: The iStairs service gets linked to the trading account of the client for seamless trading experience.

Can the traders enrolled with brokers other than recommended by Indices Master avail iStairs service?

Not as of now. iStairs services and trading accounts of "Master Capital Services Ltd" & “Jainam Share Consultants Pvt Ltd” are closely mapped and facilitate perfect mechanism to score high on the stock market at perfect timing. Inability to execute trades on time can fetch negative results and that is why, Indices Master do not support other brokers.

How iStairs recommendations convert into effective trading?

The process is simple and easy. The research team sends signal for execution of a trade. Post that, the execution system places the order on behalf of the client and notifies the same to him. All this happens within the rules and regulations specified by SEBI.

Is the setup cost high for availing iStairs service?

The setup cost is just 1% of the total investment for the first time. In case, the client discontinues and subscribes again, then the setup cost is applicable again.

Are the clients updated about trader regularly?

Yes, of course. We follow a transparent process wherein SMS and emails are sent to the clients for every single trade executed in the account. Moreover, the client can himself track the trading details in real-time with the login facility at our back office on our website.

Is it possible to have free trial of iStairs?

There is no provision of free trial, as we do not charge upfront for the services. We charge quarterly fees and that too on profits only.

Is my investment safe w.r.t. SEBI regulations?

Indices Master does not take money from you; it is safely deposited with SEBI registered broker. Therefore, there is no doubt about safety of your investment.

Can I entrust Indices Master with my investments?

Indices Master is an investment advisory firm registered with SEBI. In addition, the company offers only advisory services while your precious money is parked with registered broker in your trading account. We do not charges upfront fees from you instead, we charge on the profits earned at the end of every financial quarter. That makes our company a completely safe and trustworthy partner for your trading activities.

What is the fees framework and frequency of fees payment?

Our fees charges are 25% of profits earned at the end of every financial quarter. The same is exclusive of brokerage and transaction cost. GST is additional to the charges mentioned. Therefore, at the end of months June, September, December and March, quarterly fees settlements are done.

Do Indices Master and its partners work as per iStairs recommendations?

Yes, Indices Master and its partners closely follow the recommendations of iStairs within the ambit of SEBI regulations.

Let's get started with iStairs