What is iTrend?

iTrend - stock market tradingiTrend is our premium trend replicated advisory service. iTrend is one of the few stock trading systems that work efficiently and effectively. Our expert research team has formulated iTrend, a statistical and technical trading strategy that captures short to medium term trends. It is the perfect blend of technical and statistical signals to adapt to market situations. This 100% disciplined, systematic and mechanized stock market approach trades in highly liquid assets like Nifty Future and Bank Nifty Futures of Indian stock market, which has volume of more than 5000 cr. on a daily basis. The best thing about iTrend is that, Machine Learning mathematics is used to optimize the frequencies dynamically.

Why iTrend?

If you are seeking for a tool to trade in stock market, iTrend is for you. iTrend is one of the unparalleled technical tool for stock market analysis and trading. It is based on years of constant market analysis and experience, where your money is parked with limited risk. You can remain stress free and leverage our expertise to gain profits as the market gains pace.

One good thing that our clients love about iTrend is that, we don't have any rules. Our prime focus is on helping you maximize profit which makes us the long term trend following system. We use best trend following systems and believe in complete transparency; we do not have anything to hide from you. We treat our clients as partners, and not clients! You will receive notifications about each and every fruitful step that iTrend takes for the betterment of the client.

Take single step towards joining iTrend and leave the rest up to us! Our account opening team will be glad to help you.

How iTrend works?

iTrend allows clients to replicate our trading strategies in their own separately managed broker account. That means each client can keep their funds in their own name and decide for themselves exactly when they would like to invest in.

Once a client has sufficient funds to invest, iTrend will provide trade recommendations at appropriate intervals.

What is iTrend's past performance?

iTrend is one of the greatest developments in the history of trading. Here's the backtest performance result of the iTrend we have developed for trading in Nifty Future & Banknifty Future. The system has given steady returns since 2011.

If Rs. 2 lacs invested in Apr' 2011 has made more than Rs. 10.86 lacs by Mar'2018. That is 443.12% returns after all cost in just 7 years.

If Rs. 3 lacs invested in Apr' 2011 has made more than Rs. 16.78 lacs by Mar' 2018. That is 459.41% returns after all cost in just 7 years.

If Rs. 4.5 lacs invested in Apr' 2011 has made more than Rs. 27.14 lacs by Mar' 2018. That is 503.17% returns after all cost in just 7 years.

iTrend's Quarterly Return

The below table shows quarterly returns after all charges such as brokerage, transaction cost, STT, stamp charges, service tax etc. It is the net returns we get in hand.

iTrend's Trade Success Ratio

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? Below answers to frequently asked questions would help you.

What is Indices Master?

We are SEBI approved investment advisor who strongly believe in building partnership with our client. As a part of such belief, we neither have any setup cost nor do we have any upfront fees.

Does Indices Master have appropriate team?

We have team of 54 highly qualified professionals having good experience in financial sector who always strive to improvise and provide clients the best of service.

What types of services are provided by Indices Master?

At present we are offering service named "iTrend" for traders and "MPAS" for investors .

What kind of models or strategies is applied in iTrend?

iTrend is our advisory service which is perfect blend of technical and statistical analysis and will provide trading advise by observing both upward (Bullish) and downward (Bearish) trend of market. It secures your investment by implementation of robust and highly disciplined risk management theory.

On what basis iTrend will take decision to enter and/or exit position?

iTrend doesn't predict market and decision to enter and exit particular positions are based on trailing stop-loss method. Trailing stop loss is flexible stop-loss. which will be adjusted continually based on fluctuations in the market price. Based on current trend of market, iTrend will always maintain one position either in Long or Short.

Trailing stop-loss method:
Trailing Stop Loss

Which asset classes are traded in iTrend?

Currently, iTrend is meant to provide advice for trading in Nifty and Bank Nifty futures in the NSE F&O segment. We do not support single stock trading owing to volatility and large undue news/events risks.

Does iTrend advise to go LONG or SHORT?

With iTrend, we advise to go Long or Short in order to get maximum benefits during both bullish and bearish movement of market.

How many trades are expected monthly?

We expect around 4-6 trades per symbol in a month.

What is success ratio of iTrend's trade?

Trade success ratio is nearly 40% to 50%, but success ratio doesn't matter in iTrend, you can check our overall performance.

Does iTrend provide any guarantee about minimum or fixed return?

No. We do not provide any guarantee or commitment about return on your investment as investment in stock market are subject to market risk and all of the traders are aware of risk involved.

During which conditions iTrend will provide best and worst performance?

iTrend has been designed to capture trends in the market. Hence, the iTrend performs very well during trending markets. However if the markets are choppy / moving sideways for a sustainable period then the investments might run into temporary losses.

What is drawdown risk of iTrend?

According to the back-test data, we anticipate 40% drawdown risk once the amount of investment goes below 60% and we stop trading forward.

Is there any lock in period?

Absolutely not. There is no lock in period. You can stop service and take out your capital whenever you want.

How do I get started with iTrend with Indices Master?

  • Step 1: Client should open a trading account with our preferred broker "Master Capital Services Ltd" which is one of the leading broker with high tech technologies, prompt services and lowest brokerage. They are brokerage house who is listed on stock exchange.
  • Step 2: Deposit required amount in your trading account.
  • Step 3: Client registers with iTrend.
  • Step 4: Client's trading account will be mapped to iTrend.

Can I join iTrend if I have trading account with broker other than preferred by Indices Master?

Currently, our systems are mapped only with accounts from "Master Capital Services Ltd". iTrend is 100% disciplined and robust mechanism where precise timing is very important and failure to execute trade on time can have adverse effect on returns so we do not support other brokers.

How trades are executed as per advice from iTrend?

It is hassle free process. On receiving signal from our research team to execute a trade, our execution system will place order automatically on your behalf and you will be notified about it. Our trade execution systems comply with guidelines by SEBI.

How can I get details about trades executed by iTrend?

As a part our transparent process, we will provide details of each trade executed by iTrend in your account by mean of SMS and Email. Apart from it, you can get details about it by login to back office on our website.

Can I have free trial of iTrend?

No. We don't have any free trial as we believe in policy of pay as you gain. We do not charge any upfront fees but we collect our fees at end of each quarter and that too on profits you have gained.

Is my investment money safe from regulatory perspective?

Your money is parked with one of the SEBI registered broker and Indices Master does not take the capital from you. Hence it is completely safe.

How can I trust indices master with my investment?

Indices Master is SEBI registered investment advisor & acts only as your advisor. Capital deployed by you will be in your trading account only and you have to pay fees at end of each financial quarter on profits you have gained. We do not charge upfront fees on capital you deploy.

What is schedule for payment of fees?

We have quarterly settlement (March, June, September and December) policy for payment of fees. We charge 25% fees on profit you have gained at end of each quarter excluding brokerage and transaction cost. Service tax additional as applicable.

Do Indices Master and its partners trade as per advice by iTrend?

Yes. Indices Master and its partners do trading using advice from iTrend as per guidelines by SEBI.

Let's get started with iTrend