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Do you feel that your equity investment needs more speed to return value?

This often happens when you’re making a basic mistake with your investments – you’re investing randomly and not smartly.

With us, your investments will always be one step ahead!

Our service is backed by cutting-edge research, and we customize our solutions to meet your specific investment goals.

Our premium portfolio advisory service will always keep you ahead compared to every other investment source!


Why choose our Model Portfolio Advisory Service?

Professional team of experienced research analysts and chartered accounts taking ongoing investment decisions for you

Portfolio creation based on individual’s risk appetite and investment expectations

Our model portfolio advisory service is suitable for all types of investors, especially suitable for investors looking for big upside potential and limited downsides.

Regular updates and communication along with stock progress report

100% Satisfaction guarantee. If we don't deliver positive returns by end of a subscription, then renew your subscription for free!

We’ve enjoyed market-beating success in 2017-2018!

Over the last year, our clients have achieved amazing success thanks to our Model Portfolio Advisory Service.

We’ve enjoyed winnings of 100% stocks recommendation. Our stocks have exhibited 2x+, 1x+ and 1/2x+ returns, with several outperforming the market.

Our amazing market-beating performance in 2017-2018 is proof that our advisory services can enable faster, smarter and safer growth!

Our investment advisory can successfully identify stocks that are expected to exhibit the best growth. Some of our handpicked stocks that have exhibited fantastic growth last year which you may have missed out on include:

Key Benefits of Model Portfolio Advisory Service

Maximum returns and Long term growth
Completely tailored investment solutions as per client’s risk profile
Higher returns with less volatility
Tax effective investment strategies
High quality, end-to-end support from a knowledgeable team
Dedicated account managers
Consistent bright results over the years
Re analyzing and rebalancing of portfolio for fulfillment of long term goals
Customer oriented equity management services with allocations amount for particular stock

Our expert investment advisors consist of a team of researchers and analysts who are chartered accountants with good knowledge of the stock market. We make use of in-depth research coupled with the fundamentals of investing to increase chances of success. Our experienced research analysts make use of evidence-based research strategies backed by investment expertise.

We also have an on-ground team that meets clients, suppliers, distributors and company management. This team conducts industry research, fundamental analysis, financial modelling and management interaction to provide analysis and inputs to our investment advisors. Some of the on-ground experts have also worked with top global organizations including Morgan Stanley.

Our Investment philosophy & Stock Selection Process

We have a well-defined approach to selecting stocks for our MPAS. Our team of researchers and analysts regularly screen stock databases to identify the best investment options. Initially, we create a list of Strong Fundamental Bench stocks and we continuously update this list through on-going research and analysis. At any point of time, the stocks in our Strong Fundamental Bench exhibit attractive valuation and stable or improving fundamentals.

From our Strong Fundamental Bench list, we conduct a thorough analysis of every individual stock. We analyse the security, the competition and the industry of individual stocks to filter the best investment options. This qualitative screening process allows us to identify stocks that satisfy the criteria for being stocks. Our list of stocks provides immediately available and actionable ideas that can replace stocks in an existing portfolio.

Our MPAS experts keep looking for such ELITE companies through their prompt research process and propose inclusion of these in the investor portfolios.

Enterprising and experienced management
Leader in the industry
Increased earnings
and growth rate
Terrific timing of
Excellent future

We offer recommendations only on stocks that are included in our list of ELITE stocks. We also generate price to earnings ratio targets, proprietary earnings estimates and growth rates for these stocks. This allows us to handpick the best stocks that are expected to outperform the market.

While our list of stocks includes stocks that exhibit huge potential, not all ELITE stocks are suitable for every investor. That’s where our MPAS comes in. We carefully analyse and determine the risk profile of our clients. Depending on individual risk profiles, we suggest which 10-12 stocks are suitable to be included in an investor’s portfolio.

Who is our service suitable for?

While our Model Portfolio Advisory Service is open to anyone, it is more suitable for you if
  • Your investment horizon is at least 1-3 years or more
  • You have adequate funds available to make investments for 3-6 months from now
  • You should be able to withstand brief periods of negative growth as our strategy is geared for creating growth in the long-term

Our ground rules of investing

While there is no correct approach to investing in stocks, we have developed a few ground rules of investing over the years. These include
  • Investing on the basis of common sense and not listening to market noise
  • Investing without falling prey to emotions like greed, thrill or fear
  • Not falling prey to rumours or tips, Investing with peace of mind
  • Selling stocks at the right time – we believe that exit is far more important than entry
  • No over-leveraging or over-investing
  • Maintaining proper money management discipline
  • Considering medium to long term returns rather than short term returns
  • Considering buying range, holding period and selling range to offer a buffer to investment decisions
  • Accumulating positions over time as markets are always favourable to long term and patient investors

These are the basic investing rules that we recommend you follow when using our Model Portfolio Advisory Service. By following these ground rules, you will certainly be able to make the most of your investments.

Wealth Creation Plans

  • One Year
  • Rs. 24,000
    Rs. 15,120/-
    (inclusive of all taxes)
  • EMI Options Available*
  • Two Year
  • Rs. 48,000
    Rs. 27,840/-
    (inclusive of all taxes)
  • EMI Options Available*
  • Three Year
  • Rs. 72,000
    Rs. 34,560/-
    (inclusive of all taxes)
  • EMI Options Available*

* Currently available on Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, State Bank of India, IndusInd Bank, HSBC Bank, Central Bank of India, Corporation Bank and Standard Chartered Bank credit cards.

** Go through our Refund & Cancellation Policy for more details.


We believe in long-term investment strategies and we do not encourage short-term trading. However, many investors tend to react instantly when we give a buy or sell call, even if we offer long-term calls. This can cause a fluctuation of 5-10% in stock prices if the liquidity is low.

We have a very large subscriber base. Whenever we offer to buy or sell calls on particular stocks, we communicate information to all our subscribers at the same time over SMS and email.

We are a SEBI registered advisory company and we follow all rules and regulations as prescribed by SEBI. We never buy or sell stocks contrary to the advice we offer to our clients. Our goal is to create long-term value - both for ourselves and for our clients through sensible and honest investment strategies. We never cut corners.

Policy for refund and cancellation

You need to pay manually every time when the fees amount falls due. There is not auto initiation of payment. Also remember, payment of fees once done is not reversible. That is, no refund or cancellation will be entertained after the payment of fees / charges.