Systematic Investment Advisory Service - SIAS

Systematic Investment Advisory Service-
Outstanding investment solution

Do you want to invest in stock market but apprehensive
to take the plunge?
So you have a demat account and want to invest in quality stocks but don’t know which company to trust…. No worries. We are with you to advise you at every step through our exclusive offering- Systematic Investment Advisory Service (SIAS)

What is SIAS?

Another exemplary offering from bouquet of services from Indices Master, SIAS provides complete report on growth and statistics of a company on a particular date of a month. Our team researches and analyzes the recommended company before advising to the clients. As per the advice, the client can purchase the shares of the recommended company through his demat account.

Major advantages of SIAS

Suitable for all types of investors whether big or small
No requirement of large capital investment
Professional team with vast experience
Recommendations based on deep industry research as well as business profile of a company
Choice to invest lies with the customer
Low advisory fees on annual basis


What is the frequency of recommendation?

One recommendation every month on a fixed date is carried out to a client.

Is it safe to invest in different companies every month?

Absolutely, as the Indices Master team performs in-depth research and financial analysis before recommending to the clients. It’s safe with limited risk.

What is the difference between SIP and SIAS?

Both SIP and SIAS require monthly investment in varied stocks, however, they are different in several ways. The service from Indices Master by way of SIAS is intensely well-researched, customer-oriented and affordable. The Indices team thoroughly verifies the business performance of the recommended stock so that every rupee of the customer is well invested and fetches great returns.

We understand every rupee invested in right avenues leads to sustainable wealth creation.

There are so many asset classes such as gold, real estate and mutual funds. Then why should one prefer SIAS only?

SIAS is oriented towards long term wealth creation in systematic way even with small investment. The investor needs to allocate funds towards recommended company through their own demat account and thus have more control over their funds.

As far as mutual funds are concerned, the investments are executed by the fund manager and the investors have hardly any control over the fund allocation.Also, the investments are subject to market risk and may produce negative returns as well.

On the other side, real estate and gold require huge capital to start with and may show appreciation in value yet these do not bring about wealth creation for the investors.

Therefore, SIAS is the safest and most promising bet for long term investment as compared to other asset classes.

Which is better- fixed deposit or SIAS?

Definitely SIAS. While SIAS has the potential to realize great returns on the growing investments, FDs provide interest which is just marginally above the inflation rate, leaving no space for wealth creation.

Do SIAS require huge investment?

The biggest positive of SIAS is that it is suitable for both small and big investors. The investors can start investing with small amounts as well unlike other investment options which require lakhs of capital to start with.

Is the service affordable?

The investor pays one-time annual consulting charges for the service which is pocket friendly!